Rumble at the Roseland 82
Jun 13, 2015 | Roseland Theater, Portland, OR

Featherweight Championship
Kevin Boehm def. Nate Sarate by TKO at 1:13 of Rd. 5
Kevin Boehm is the new FCFF Featherweight Champion

Middleweight Championship
John Simon def. Jaysun Frost by TKO at 2:59 of Rd. 1
John Simon is the new FCFF Middleweight Champion

Women's Featherweight Championship
Leanne Foster def. April Santa Anna by Tapout due to a RNC at 2:18 of Rd. 1
Leanne Foster remains the FCFF Featherweight Champion

172 Connor Caron def. Robert Chun by Tapout at 1:57 of Rd. 1 due to a RNC
147 Ricardo Martinez def. Sean Kalinoski by Tapout at 1:47 of Rd. 1 due to RNC
205 Clayton York def. Marcus Hickman by TKO at 1:48 of Rd. 1 due to strikes
172 Kweayon Clark def. Eric Beggs by KO at :09 of Rd. 1 due to head kick
175 Phelan Carron def. Otto Mattix by TKO at 1:56 of Rd. 1 due to strikes
170 Hiroyuki Tetsuka def. Jeramy Burford by Tapout at 1:39 of Rd. 1 due to armbar
145 Pro: Carson Frei def. Justin Mark by Unanimous Decision
166 Pro: Bryan Nuro def. Raven Guice by Tapout at 3:08 of Rd. 1 due to RNC