Rumble at the Roseland 88
Jul 16, 2016 | Roseland Theater, Portland, OR

Light HWT Championship
Tyree Fortune def. Clayton York – 2:18 of Rd. 2, TKO
Tyree does not win the championship due to not making weight.

Lightweight Championship
Cris Williams def. Joey Dursse-2:56 of Rd. 2, tapout due to armbar
Cris Williams is the new FCFF Lightweight Champion

Lightweight Superfight
Quinton Wyland def. Thomas Patrick – KO
Quinton Wyland is the FCFF Superfight Champion

Welterweight Championship
Raymond Hill def. Saul Gallegos-Ruiz – TKO 1:55 of Rd. 2
Raymond Hill is the new FCFF Welterweight Champion

Flyweight Championship
Jacob Romero def. Richard Carranza – Technical Submission :56 of Rd. 1 due to guillotine choke
Jacob Romero remains FCFF Flyweight Champion

Bantamweight Superfight
Ericson Abalos def. Sean Kalinoski - 1:02 of Rd. 1 – Tapuot due to Rear Naked Choke
Ericson Abalos is the new FCFF Superfight Champion

135 Samuel Crawford def. Emmett Earlywine – Tapout due to Armbar :52 of Rd. 1
160 Stefan Habib def. Roberto Saenz – Unanimous Decision
170 Mario Shonkwiler def. Connor Carron – Tapout due to Rear Naked Choke at 2:11 of Rd. 1
155 Derek Rottenberg def. Johnny James – TKO 1:15 of Rd. 2
170 Phelan Carron def. Jon Brown – TKO 2:50 of Rd. 1
155 Eduardo Torres def. Exie Benitez – 2:59 of Rd. 1 Tapuot due to rear naked choke