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The FCFF's Final Show of 2017 Will Determine Five Division Titles and the First Female Champion since 2015
Nov 13, 2017 | by: FCFF Staff

Portland, OR - On Saturday, December 2nd the Full Contact Fighting Federation (FCFF) will host Rumble at the Roseland 95, the final event of 2017. Rumble 95 will feature four men's title fights in the 125, 135, 145, and 155 pound divisions; plus a women's 145-pound title fight. The fight card also has a 125-pound Flyweight Superfight and a loaded undercard featuring fighters like Silas Yeak of Gracie Barra, who earned the "Fight of the Night" honors at Rumble 92, where he defeated Tony Savage via a round one knockout. Tickets start at $29 for general admission and are available online at Cascade Tickets, or in person at Bridge City Fight Shop (fans can save by skipping the online processing fee). The doors open at 6pm on fight night at the Roseland Theater in downtown Portland. Fight fans can start the night at the FCFF's social media wall, pictures with our ring card girls are encouraged. Fights will begin promptly at 7pm.

Keaneo Moyer

The FCFF's Main Event at Rumble @ The Roseland 95 is the 125-pound Flyweight Championship. The flyweight division has been centerstage this year with three dramatic changes in ownership of the belt thus far. In January, at Rumble 90, Isiaah Garza took the belt from Justin Hubbard via a tapout due to an ankle lock in round one. Garza looked to defend his title against Dominick Abalos at Rumble 93 and came up short. Abalos took the belt from Garza via a round two triangle choke. Abalos came back immediately, at Rumble 94 to face a mouthy and largely unproven fighter: Keaneo Moyer. The Abalos versus Moyer battle blew up on social media and became the liveliest weigh-in event in FCFF history. These two fighters were heated and the fight lasted only 23 seconds on Saturday, September 30th. Moyer earned the FCFF's Flyweight Title via a round one TKO over Abalos at Rumble 94. Moyer, just like Abalos will return at the very next event to attempt to make his first Title defense against Sean Kalinoski of Impact JJ. Kalinoski has eight wins on his mma resume that date back to 2015. This will be Kalinoski's first title shot. Kalinoski has had three wins in 2017 alone. First at Breaking Point 3, where he faced Jason Ellis and won via a round two submission. He had one loss in March against Johnson Nasona, but came back in July with back-to-back submission wins against Mike Ingersoll and Isaiah Burkhalter at COGA 56 and 57, respectively.

Yan Kuvaldin

The FCFF's 145-pound Featherweight Champion will also return to the FCFF's Slammer on Saturday, December 2nd. Yan Kuvaldin of Impact JJ will lay his title on the line as he faces Cash Barnes of Gracie Barra. The backstory: Kuvaldin's first attempt to earn the FCFF's Title was against Cris Williams at Rumble 87; he came up short. He was determined and returned at Rumble 91 and earned the FCFF's Featherweight Title after a four-round battle against Christopher Logan. Kuvaldin secured the win via a rear naked chock submission. He's looking to make his first title defense against Barnes, who has matured dramatically due to a year spent in training camps in Thailand. He's a different fighter, since he last fought in the FCFF. Barnes was supposed to fight at Rumble 94 and his fight fell through. He claims that he can beat any amateur, if someone would agree to fight him. Kuvaldin and Barnes have one thing in common - they both lost to Cris Williams, who has since signed a professional contract with Bellator.

Veronica Wilson and Jordan Kanewa

FCFF fight fans are already buzzing about the first female title fight since 2015. Leanne Foster became the FCFF's Featherweight Champion at Rumble 82 and has since relinquished her belt. Jordan Kanewa from Art of War will face Veronica Wilson of Animals MMA on Saturday, December 2nd at Rumble 95. Wilson has more experience "on paper" than Kanewa. Wilson has three wins in her fighting career. She's defeated Anna Chouinard (round one TKO), Becca Fieken (round one submission), and Kirsten Allen (round three choke) - but she's faced a hiatus from competition. Kanewa has two recent wins over Kiki Tumale (decision victory in 2016), and Maria Schlienger (round one TKO in 2017) at the Arena Wars Total Kombat Fighting Series.

The FCFF's vacant 155-pound division will have a new Champion on Saturday, December 2nd at Rumble 95. Two of the top lightweights will battle for the belt. Chance Marsteiner from Performance MA will face DJ Nuttall of Impact JJ. Marsteiner is coming off an impressive win at Rumble 94 against Josh Rutherford. Rutherford endured a substantial attack from the lower half of Marsteiner, who's kicking precision is unmatched in the lightweight division at this time. Nuttall is entering this battle with the superior record. He has six wins over his fighting career since 2014. In 2017 he's had three battles thus far, two wins and one loss. He was defeated by Angel Espino at Rumble 91 and then earned back-to-back wins at the Midtown Throwdown 11 (RNC over Ed Baitey in round-one) and at Midtown Throwdown 12 (RNC over Taylor Rogers in round-one).

Sage Farnworth

The final FCFF title fight, scheduled to take place at Rumble @ The Roseland 95, is the 135-pound bantamweight division championship. The former Champion, Abdul Kamara has relinquished his belt and Luis Lopez of Animals MMA will take on Sage Farnworth of Bend, OR. This will be both fighters first fight in the FCFF. Luis has a great reputation in the mma community, but has had only one fight in the last two years. He faced Ian King at Knucklehead 15 in June of 2016 and earned the win via a round-three knockout for the Title. He's coming into the Slammer on Saturday, December 2nd to take on Farnworth, who has five wins on his record. Most recently, Farnworth faced Daniel McElhaney at Budofights 16: Altercation and won their title via a around-two triangle choke submission victory.

The FCFF's 125-pound Superfight on Saturday, December 2nd is noteworthy. Alex Castaneda will take on Isiaah Garza. You might recognize Garza's name, earlier this year, he held the FCFF's 125-pound Champion Title in January. Garza is looking to regain that title that he formerly held and this Superfight is the next step. Castaneda has a steep uphill climb in front of him. He's scheduled to compete in November, before Rumble 95, against Ryan Koscinski at the Arena Wars event. Then, he'll take on the FCFF's former 125-pound Champion at Rumble 95. The pacific northwest region's 125-pound division is stacked and any warrior entering competition in this division needs to be ready for a physical and psychological battle.

The FCFF's undercard is loaded with rising talent like: Nicky Porter from River City Warriors, Eduardo Torries from Renzo Gracie, Max Garrison from Straight Blast Gym, and Silas Yeak from Gracie Barra. Over a dozen premier mma gyms are represent at Rumble @ The Roseland 95 on Saturday, December 2nd and currently 22 fights are on the card.