Rumble at the Roseland 97
Apr 14, 2018 | Roseland Theater, Portland, OR

Bantamweight Championship
Sage Farnworth def. Keaneo Moyer – Tapout due to anaconda Choke at 1:19 of Rd. 1
Sage Farnworth remains FCFF Bantamweight Champion

Welterweight Championship
Ray Hill def. Alex Aguilar – Split Decision
Ray Hill is the new FCFF Welterweight Champion

Lightweight Championship
Chance Marsteiner def. Angel Espino – Chokeout 1:06 of Rd. 1 – Anaconda Choke
Chance Marsteiner remains FCFF Lightweight Champion
Featherweight Superfight
Braydon Akeo def. Max Garrison – Unanimous Decision
Braydon Akeo is the FCFF Superfight Champion

165 Edwin Mantilla def. Phillip Splawn – Tapout due to RNC at 1:50 of Rd. 1
160 Dallas Galan def. Ogbamen Agbonze – Tapout at 2:59 of Rd. 1 due to Guillotine Choke
150 Women: Hannah Summers vs. Patty Elliott – Unanimous Draw
185 Daniel Svobada Def. Jesse Castaneda – TKO :16 of Rd. 1
125 Alex Youngbauer def. Aaron Rodriguez – Unanimous Decision
150 Ross Johnsrud def. Sam Crawford – Tapout due to Arm Triangle – 1:04 of Rd. 3
165 Kenny Dailey def. Peter Lysenko – Unanimous Decision
170 Charlie Gilpin def. Tyrell Pless – Tapout due to RNC – 1:52 of Rd. 1
145 David Converse def. Abdul Kamara – Majority Decision