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Historic Show on Dec 22nd Features MMA Special Guests, Four Title Fights at Rumble @ The Roseland 100
Nov 27, 2018 | by: FCFF Staff

Portland, OR - If you know your mixed martial arts history, you cannot mention MMA in Portland without acknowledging the Full Contacting Fighting Federation (FCFF). The FCFF's history began before the Slammer was created. The FCFF's owner Pat Sonnen, and his entrepreneurial son Chael Sonnen with business partner Kevin Keeney, brought a case to the State of Oregon's Athletic Commission in 2001 to define MMA within its rules like that of wrestling and boxing. Until this action, MMA was illegal in the state. Due to this trio's vision, the MMA industry in Oregon was born. The only company older than the FCFF, in the world, is the UFC. In 2002 the FCFF hosted its first Rumble at the Roseland event in Portland. Fight fans have supported the FCFF for seventeen years and will celebrate along with the owners at the 100th installment of the Rumble @ The Roseland series on Saturday, December 22nd. Some of the FCFF's most popular past Champions are returning to honor the 100th show, a milestone that can be shared through the MMA community. Special guests like: Rick Franklin, Ed Herman, Mark Castle, Ryan Healy, Pat Healy, Josh Haines, Delon Williams, Karl Pope, Jim Pope, and Glena Avila will return in an epic fighter-hall-of-fame homecoming at the Roseland Theater. Tickets are available at Cascade Tickets or at Bridge City Fight Shop. Doors will open for Rumble 100 at 6pm on fight night, Saturday, December 22nd with fights beginning promptly at 7pm.


The fight card line up for Rumble @ The Roseland 100 features four Championship bouts in the Flyweight divisions (male and female bouts), Lightweight and Light Heavyweight divisions. Keep your eyes on Head Snaps and Headgear's video channel as they've interviewed a star studded FCFF lineup that includes: Paige Van Zant, Austin Vanderford, Ricky Simon, Ed Herman, Keaneo Moyer, Tyree Fortune, Ryan Hart, Cris Lencioni, and Fernando Alverado. All FCFF fight fans are invited to the free Rumble 100 press conference on Sunday, December 2nd at Bridge City Fight Shop, which begins at 5pm.

The Main Event on Saturday, December 22nd at Rumble @ The Roseland 100:


Peter Lysenko, the FCFF's new Lightweight Champion will return to the Slammer to make his first title defense attempt against DJ Nuttall at Rumble 100. This is a much-anticipated rematch from Rumble 96, where Lysenko squeaked out the win via a split decision. Lysenko just faced and defeated the previous champ, Chance Marsteiner in a battle-of-wills that went five grueling rounds. "Peter was largely the underdog going in against Chance, who had three consecutive wins and two division championship victories. Chance's most recent win was at Rumble 97 over Angel Espino via a round-one submission victory," explained FCFF matchmaker and co-owner, Kevin Keeney. Lysenko kept his composure and nerves in check at Rumble 99 and came out on top with the win via the judge's decision over Marsteiner. Lysenko was Marsteiner's first ever FCFF loss. Lysenko has moved his sights onto DJ Nuttall, a familiar face at the FCFF.


Nuttall first fought in the slammer back at Rumble 83 in 2015 and won over Nicky Porter. This set-in motion a vast career in MMA that spans six MMA production companies across the state. Nuttall's last four of 12 total fights have all taken place in the FCFF. At Rumble 99, Nuttall faced Tunde Arigbon, who just came off setting the Oregon state record for the fast knockout in history at .03 seconds. Lysenko and Arigbon went to war knowing the victor had the next FCFF Title Shot. Arigbon was unable to land a KO punch, like in his previous fight, and the battle ended Arigbon's 5-0 undefeated streak. Nuttall seemed to do the impossible and earned the win via the judges' decision.

The two Flyweight Championship Fights at Rumble 100:


Over the past two years the FCFF's 125-pound Flyweight division has taken center cage. Just in case you've been under a rock, the FCFF has featured literally the best talent ever-to-be-seen in the Flyweight division, with the title changing hands four times in two years. Keaneo Moyer reigned supreme as the King of the 125-pound division and has since turned pro, leaving the Title vacant for these two warriors to face off: Alex Castaneda (Portland, OR) vs. Tim DeVore (LCMMA). Castaneda is a training partner and friend to Moyer and was unable to battle him previously, this is his opportunity at the Title his friend held with dominance. DeVore was unable to make weight in his last FCFF fight and is eager to prove that the Flyweight division is his proper home.


The female 125-pound Flyweight division Championship is between Hannah Summers (WCA) and CaySea McBride (Gracie Barra Portland). Summers is looking to make a push in 2018, coming off a win in November at Prime 11 over Kylie Mergner; plus her win over Margo Testa at King of the Cage: Demolition II. A win for McBride would extend her undefeated record to three. She defeated Surya Shanmugam at Rumble 93 in her debut fight via a round-one TKO and then defeated Melissa Field at Midtown Throwdown 13 via a round-two TKO. "We're excited to host this female fight as it's a nod to all our past female competitors. One of the FCFF's first female fights featured Kim Couture (former wife of Randy Couture) at Rumble 34 against Jessica Porter. The Roseland theater was completely silent as they went face-to-face in a slug fest we can still remember today," explains Keeney.

The 205-pound Division Championship Fight:


The FCFF's final Championship fight set for Rumble 100 on Saturday, December 22nd features the return of the Light Heavyweight division Champ, Fernando Fdot Alvarado from Gracie Barra. In his first title defense attempt, he will face a relative unknown to the FCFF, Musio Chavez of Steel MMA. Alvarado has exclusively fought in the FCFF, claiming the Slammer as his home. Alvarado has had four consecutive FCFF wins at Rumbles 89, 93, 98, and 99. He's KO'd Kyle Weese, won via decision over Nathan Smith, then re-matched Smith to finish the fight via a round-two KO. At Rumble 99, Alvarado won over Douglas Francis via a round-one TKO. "Fernando is a finisher. This big man is dynamic. He's able to adapt to a situation and that makes him really dangerous for any man willing to face him," says Keeney.

The FCFF's undercard for Rumble @ The Roseland is filled with great mma fights and well as debuting fighters who will get their first experience in the Slammer on Saturday, December 22nd. Here are some undercard match-ups to watch: 175LB Scott Baker (Hood River) vs. Phelan Carron (Impact). 195LB Justin Hernandez (Team Quest) vs. Diego Gutierrez (Vancouver, WA). 135LB Sean Kalinoski (Impact JJ) vs. Chris Souriyamath (Gracie Barra). 170LB Tobias Baker (Art of War) vs. Thad Coffey Shelton (Impact JJ). 170LB Charlie Gilpin (BTT Happy Valley) vs. Jantz Bullock (Impact).