Rumble @ the Roseland 22 Results

May 20, 2006

Main Event: Featherweight Championship
Andy Lukesh def. Dylan Fussell: Unanimous Decision
Lukesh still FCFF Featherweight Champion

Welterweight Championship
Lloyd Woodard def. Jeremy Jones: Tapout due to armbar: 2:26 Rd. 1
Lloyd Woodard still FCFF Welterweight Champion

Light Heavyweight Championship
Will Courcheine def. Markee Morrisson: Tapout 1:25 Rd. 1
Will Courcheine is the New FCFF Light HWT Champion

Heavyweight Championship
Trent Standing def. Josh Bennett: Chokeout 3:28 Rd. 1
Trent Standing is the New FCFF Heavyweight Champion

Mel Locke def. David Banuet: Tapout 3:52 Rd. 1

Tyler Moug def. Andy Pickett: Tapout 4:36 Rd. 2
Jake Thomas def. David Her: Tapout :18 Rd. 2
Nate Bethal def. Jeremy Harrington: Referee Stoppage 1:16 Rd. 1
Bobby Corpuz def. Jake Leino: Tapout 2:33 Rd. 1
Aaron Sutton def. Clarence Barela: Tapout 3:54 Rd. 2
ake McKnight def. Jonathon Gaskill: Tapout 1:17 Rd. 1
Rath Cyrus def. Bobby Haney: Medical Stoppage due to a cut 2:46 Rd. 1
Fai Kester def. David Morgan: Referee Stoppage 4:24 Rd. 1
Damian Dantibo def. Ben Lippold: Tapout 1:24 Rd. 1

Rumble @ the Roseland XXI (21) Results

April 1, 2006
Main Event
Middleweight Championship
Scott Trayhorn def. Rick Reeves: KO :13 Rd. 1
HWT: Josh Bennett def. Joel Suprenant: KO 1:16 Rd. 1
190 Damian Dantibo def. Bruce Ange: Tapout :45 sec. Rd. 1
145 Bobby Corpuz def. Matt Slosser: Unanimous Decision
145 Benny Vinson def. Cole Young: Medical Stoppage, end of the first round
HWT Bobby Haney def. Will Seleen: Referee Stoppage 1:00 Rd. 1
170 Jeremy Jones def. Mike Sixel: Referee Stoppage :56 Rd 1
185 JC Doane def. David Morgan: Tapout 2:15 Rd. 1
170 Kyle Prather def. Zach Ross: Referee Stoppage 2:33 Rd. 2
150 Aaron Gonzales def. Aaron La'Gere: Tapout 3:21 Rd. 1
155 Dylan Fussell def. Gabe Debenedictus: Tapout :20 Rd. 1
170 Jake McKnight def. Wayne Woodruff: Ref. Stoppage 1:15 Rd. 1


Rumble at the Roseland XX (20)

160 Mel Locke def. Markus Dunfee: Unanimous Decision

Featured Bout
HWT Trent Standing def. Rath Cyrus: 3:20 Rd. 1 Tapout

205 Jeremy Harrington def. Robert McDonnell: Tapout Choke: 2:04 Rd. 2
145 Joe Zambrano def. Will Shutt: 4:13 Rd. 1 Tapout Choke
155 Brad Horner def. Bobby Wilson: Referee Stoppage, 1:34 Rd. 1
170 Tim Gross def. Mike Finch: Tapout Choke, 1:17 Rd. 1
170 David Webb def. Jason Garman: Referee Stoppage, 2:19 Rd. 1
145 Aaron Sutton def. Rex Payne: Tapout, :50 Rd. 2
185 Peter Aspinwall def. Bill Bradley: KO, 3:59 Rd. 2
185 Eli Peterson def. Kip Brooks: Referee Stoppage, 1:29 Rd. 1
HWT Randy Haxton def. Andy Eichholz: Unanimous Decision
170 Mike Gates def. Shawn Siefke: Tapout Triangle Choke: 4:59 Rd. 1

Rumble at the Roseland XIX (19)

Welterweight Championship
Lloyd Woodard def. Justin Nelson:  Unanimous Decision
Lloyd Woodard is the new FCFF Welterweight Champion

Featherweight Championship
Andy Lukesh def. Elijah Fay:  Unanimous Decision
Andy Lukesh is the new FCFF Featherweight Champion

Mel Locke def. Chris Jensen:  Unanimous Decison

Kevin Krol def. Dennis Hutchinson:  KO  1:57 of Rd. 1
Jerrod Jones def. David Berkey:  Tapout  1:23 of Rd. 1
Garren Smith def. Randy Haxton:  Verbal Tapout:  1:03 of Rd. 1
Bill Bradley def. Brandon Conklin:  Tapout:  :26 of Rd. 1
Brian Schemele def. Cameran Wendt:  Medical Stoppage due to a dislocated shoulder, 4:00 of Rd. 1
Rick Reeves def. Crae Bassett:  Tapout 1:18 of Rd. 1
Marco Najera vs. Michael Harman:  Majority Draw Chris Braleind def. Russ Anderson:  KO :19 of Rd. 1
Ryan Hart def. Daryl Cutler:  Tapout 3:12 of Rd. 1

Rumble at the Roseland XIIX (18), Portland, OR
James Davis def. Aaron La'Gere   1:06 Rnd 1 via Tapout

Chris Klier def. Aaron Gonzales   2:03 Rd. 1 Tapout Choke
Andy Lukesh def. Bobby Wilson   2:57 Rd. 1 Tapout Armbar
Elijah Fay def. Aaron Sutton  4:02 Rd. 2 Ref. Stoppage
Dylan Fussell def. Jeremiah Bitz  2:09 Rd. 1  Tapout due to strikes
Jeshua Temores def. Aaron Thomas  2:32  Rd. 2 Ref. Stoppage
Andy Eiccholz def. Kyle English  3:41 Rd. 1 Ref. Stoppage
Justin Bay def. Derek Bugge  :19 Rd. 1 Ref. Stoppage
Daryl Cutler def. Fai Kester  1:02 Rd. 1 Tapout
Omar Satiago def. Clarence Barela  1:03  Rd. 1 Tapout Armbar
Armand Debruge def. Adam Lee  :09 Rd. 1  Dislocated Shoulder - Medical Forfeit
Rath Cyrus def. Josh Hitsman  :07  Rd. 2 KO

Main Event Lightweight Championship
Barry Holmes def. Brad Horner :06 of Rd. 1 KO

Markee Morrisson def. Shawn Freeze  2:20 Rd 1 Medical Stoppage due to a cut.

Rumble at the Roseland XVII (17), Portland, OR
Clarence Barela def. Nic Kunig:  Did not answer the 2nd rd.

Matt Lowry def. Guy Gallear:  Referee Stoppage 4:47 rd. 1
Lance Waldinger def. Kris Knepper:  2:23 Rd. 1: Tapout
Cody Bras def. Brett Schreiner:  Unanimous Decision
Shawn Freeze def. Derek Bugge:  Tapout :50 Rd. 1
Brad Horner def. Aaron Sutton:  Referee Stoppage :56 Rd. 1
Andy Lukesh def. Brent Smith:  :57 Rd. 1 Tapout
Mike Maginn def. Bryce Kaff:  Referee Stoppage 4:45 Rd. 2
Dylan Lindell def. Dustin Shorey:  Majority Decision
Jake Richmond def. Andy Eiccholz:  Unamimous Decision

Main Events
Heavyweight Championship
Josh Bennett def. Trent Standing:  Unanimous Decision
Bennett New Heavyweight Champion
Middleweight Championship
Thomas La Cour def. Scott Trayhorn:  2:21 Rd. 1 Tapout
Thomas La Cour New Middleweight Champion
Welterweight Championship
Justin Nelson def. Evan Dunham:  :26 Rd. 2 Tapout
Justin Nelson New Welterweight Champion
Lightweight Championship
Keisuke Andrew def. Rick Cayo:  :47 Rd. 1 Tapout
Keisuke Andrew still Lightweight Champion

Rumble at the Roseland XVI (16), Portland, OR
Clarence Barela def. Jason Vidonic: 1:52 of Rd. 2 Tapout due to strikes
Thomas La Cour def. Kelly McMillan: 1:55 of Rd. 1 Tapout due to a front choke
Crae Bassett def. Vince Meyer: 2:40 of Rd. 1 Tapout due to strikes.
Bobby Wilson def. Dan Downard: 3:20 OF Rd. 1 Tapout due to fatigue
Rex Payne def. Mike Harman: 4:33 of Rd. 1 Tapout due to an armbar
Ryan Quiroz def. Dwayne Brittle: 1:58 of Rd. 1 Tapout due to a front guillotine.
Brandon Dudley def. Justin Nelson: 3:07 of Rd. 2 Tapout due to a rear naked Choke.
Daryl Cutler def. John Orr: 1:00 of Rd. 1 Tapout due to Triangle Choke.
Barry Holmes def. Bryan Brittle: :26 of Rd. 1 KO from a front kick.
Jim Pope def. Ben Smith: :55 of Rd. 1 KO
Josh Bennett def. Randy Haxton: 4:24 of Rd. 2 Referee Stoppage
Aaron Stark def. Kyle Keeney: 1:18 of Rd. 1 Tapout due to a rear naked choke
Lightweight Championship
Keisuke Andrew def. Mel Locke 2:59 of Rd. 1 Tapout due to an armbar.

Rumble at the Roseland XV (15), Portland, OR
Adell Campbell def. Jason Perry : 2:27 Rd. 2 Ref. Stoppage
Ryan Pope def. Vince Meyer: Rd. 1 Choke tapout 1:35
Matt Stein def. Jesse Hamm: Rd.1 verbal tapout 2:57
Dave Kohn def. Jacob Ritchie: 4:32 Rd. 1 Referee Stoppage
Keisuke Andrew def. Drew Bayless: 1:12 Rd. 1 tapout due to armbar
Aaron Stark def. Jason Mitchell: 1:36 Rd. 1 tapout due to choke
Cody Bras def. Matt Cosart: Unanimous Decision
Josh Bennett def. Rath Cyrus: Unanimous Decision
Rick Cayo def. Barry Holmes: 1:00 Rd. 1 Referee Stoppage
Mel Locke def. Taylor Klahn: 1:24 Rd. 1 Referee Stoppage
Heavyweight Championship
Delon Williams def. Inoke Tupou : Rd. 1 KO 3:11 Delon is still Heavyweight Champion
Middleweight Championship
Scott Trayhorn def. Ocean Baker : Rd. 2 KO 3:43 Scott Trayhorn is the new Middleweight Champion

Fight Night in Klamath Falls, March 19, 2005

145 Jake Leino def. Jason Vidonic 3:18  Rd. 1 tapout
180  Kyle Deese def. Cody Blair 2:18  Rd. 1 Rear Naked Choke tapout
155  Jeremiah Bitz def. Brian White 3:55 Rd. 2 Tapout
150  Drew Bayless def. Benjamin Forester 2:51  Rd. 1 Tapout
170  Lloyd Woodard def. Loyal Newman  3:18  Rd. 1  Tapout
180  Charles Adams def. Ryan Quiroz  :52 Rd. 1  Knockout
190  Bryce Kaff def. Craig Scott 1:34  Rd. 1  Tapout
155  Trevor Harriss def. Rex Payne Jr.  1:24 Rd. 1 Referee Stoppage
160  Barry Holmes def. Shad Vaughn 3:11 Rd. 1 Tapout
HWT  Roland Graham def. Rath Cyrus 3:20 Rd. 1 Referee Stoppage
195  Robert Kincaid def. Scott Brite :58 Rd. 1 Choke out
HWT  Inoke Tupou def. Mike Griffin 1:39  Rd. 1 Tapout
185  Patches Dee def. Ryan Pope 4:53 Rnd 1 Tapout

Rumble at the Roseland XIV (14), Portland, OR
180  Cody Bras def. Jason Berger:  2:39 Rd. 1 Referee Stoppage
165  Jeremiah Bitz def. Dwayne Brittle  1:32 Rd. 1 tapout

160  Barry Holmes def. Carl Hendrickson:  Unanimous Decision
205  Mike Vega def. Andrew Williams:  1:19 Rd. 1 tapout
150  Keisuke Andrew def. Jesse Hamm:  1:45 Rd. 1 Knockout
160  Loyal Newman def. Bryan Brittle:  4:36 Rd. 1 Tapout
205  Wayne Miller def. Darrell Cutler:  2:00 Rd. 1 Tapout
HWT  Josh Bennett def. Kyle Keeney:  Split decision
Featherweight Championship
Ian Loveland def. Jason Georgianna:  2:55 Rd. 1, Referee Stoppage
Heavyweight Championship
Delon Williams def. Larry Vandervort:  Forfeit

Fight Night 2 Results, Springfield, OR

Dustin Tweed def. Dwayne Brittle: 1:17 Round 2 Tapout
Heath Howitt def. Dave Nelson: 2:41 Round 2 Tapout
Patches Dee def. Ryan Pope: :44 Round 1 Tapout
Tyler Everall def. Ryan Hart: Unanimous Decision
James Anderson def. Clarence Dustin: :41 Round 1 Chokeout
Drew Bayless def. Jesse Hamm: :39 Round 1 Tapout
David Banuet def. The Butcher: 1:37 Round 1 Tapout
Zac Combs def. Jeremiah Bitz: 2:39 Round 1 Tapout
Evan Dunham def. Manuel Bow Parks: 1:17 Round 1 Referee Stoppage
Chad Hickle def. Markee Morriss: :24 Round 1 Referee Stoppage
FCFF Middleweight Championship
Ocean Baker vs. Scott Trayhorn: Called a no contest due to an accidental headbutt that caused a cut over the eye of Scott Trayhorn. Fight EMT Steve Newport would not allow the fight to continue. Ocean Baker remains FCFF Middleweight Champion.

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